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  • Proofread
  • Standard Edit
  • Premium Edit

The Standard Package includes:

  • Remove all spelling/punctuation errors
  • Email follow up after draft review
  • Basic review of structure
  • Critique of tone and diction
  • Detailed advice on improving structure, plot and supporting elements
  • Ensure content meets the criteria of assignment / project
  • Phone call to plan/outline the project
  • Second phone call discussing the draft and working together on improvements
Pricing by Word Count
< 600 $99
601 - 1200 $0.17 / word
1201 - 1800 $0.16 / word
1800+ $0.15 / word

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Who uses editing services?

I'm prepared to support a wide range of clients, from individuals with private projects to small businesses looking to improve the quality of their written content. We can help adjust your project's tone and ensure top quality grammar, spelling and structure. Example clients include:

  • College Students (Thesis and Application Essays)

    I specialize in helping students hoping to apply to, and succeed in, postsecondary education. I can help design and polish your college application essay, choosing a topic and developing a structure so you can put your best qualities on display for the admissions board.

    For students already in school, I can help you plan and write a thoughtful essay on a wide range of subjects. In addition to basic quality control like grammar, spelling, and punctuation, I can help you ensure your essay has answered the question, provided enough evidence, and has the right structural elements like an introduction, conclusion, and strong thesis.

  • Small/Medium Businesses

    Do you need help with your newsletters, flyers, web content and marketing material? I can help guarantee it is executed flawlessly without sounding overly corporate. I can provide your business with some outside expertise in ensuring proper voice, tone, and quality in your professional content. Outsourcing editing can save you time to focus on your business without sacrificing quality.

  • Community / Non Profit Organizations

    Most social enterprises run very lean on staff to save expenses - which can make keeping up with grant applications, donor newsletters and other material overwhelming. I can help your organization reduce its overhead and still keep pace with the demands of your project.

  • Freelance and Self-Published Authors

    When you've stared at your manuscript for so long, perfecting every plot detail and character, it can be hard to notice the forest for the trees. I can help uncover and eliminate any of the typos, minor inconsistencies, and wrinkles that come up in the creation of a work of fiction. Whether it's for submission to a publishing house, freelance work or self-publishing - I can ensure your final draft is flawless and your readers can sink directly into the story without distraction.

  • Local Bands / Artists

    I can help you assemble artist bios, show announcements, album insets and other texts. That way you don't have to split your attention away from your work. Let me help you connect to your fan base by refining the details of your content without diminishing your essential voice.

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About Shayla

I have a B.A. in Literary Editing & Publishing from Metropolitan State University in St Paul, where I designed my own major combining courses in writing, literature, publishing, library studies, and editing. I also worked with several writing groups and at MSU's writing center, helping students with essays and short stories. Currently, I'm working as a Publishing Coordinator for Thomson Reuters.

Beyond that, my family has a strong relationship with the publishing industry: my aunt is an author/librarian, my father is a Director of Editing and my brother works at Google. I was raised surrounded by words, and I'm eager to bring that expertise to your project!

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  • How long does a round of editing take?

    It depends on the length of the project and how busy my client list is, but a typical turnaround time is 72 hours. We can discuss details for your project over email.

  • What if my project isn't on your 'typical client' list?

    Not to worry, I am happy to be flexible about helping with niche/unusual projects. Feel free to reach out and we can figure out what makes sense.

  • Can I order additional rounds of editing?

    Of course! I'm happy to keep working with you for as many iterations as you think the project needs to reach your goals.

  • I have a question that isn't covered here ...

    No problem - feel free to email me at with any questions you still have!

  • Who's going to win the Super Bowl this year?

    No question - the Vikings have it in the bag.

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